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Use your SNAP, EBT, P-EBT, and WIC dollars with our app.

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What's inside

Accessing locally grown, healthy food made easy.

Snappier supports SNAP, Matching Programs (i.e. MATCH), WIC and other food assistance programs.


All programs tracked and managed for you.

Reporting, reimbursement, and reconciliation tools for all programs and transactions.


Accessed from any device, anywhere you are, on the go.

Can be accessed by laptop, smartphone, or tablet.


Fast and easy

Easy set up and fast transaction through QR readers, with transaction times of 5 minutes or less!

A Win For Everyone!

Free for consumers and vendors. Small annual fee for markets. Improving the lives of millions and their access to locally grown, healthy food!


More dollars for local food

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Increased sales

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Efficient management

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Frequently Asked Question

Everything you need to know about Snappier. Answers to our most frequently asked questions in how to sign-up and use Snappier.

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Yes. Please contact us at to request access and approval for a super user account.

Yes, we have a customer service support team available to answer any question and work on resolving any issues.

No. All you need is a smart phone with a data package. The app is a progressive web-based app that will run on data and/or Wi-Fi.

Yes you are!

Yes for transactional processes such as adding dollars to customers wallets or paying invoices at vendor tables. A smart phone is not required to login and perform other tasks such as: reconciliation, reimbursement, and reporting. These processes can be performed from a desktop or laptop. Tablets may be used if the tablet has a data package or is operating on Wi-Fi.

Yes. We have created video tutorials for how to navigate and use the app from each user's point of view.

That is determined by the Markets available budget for a particular program and that the customer has available funds, either on their SNAP card or in coupons.

The app does not have restrictions to a particular balance that can be awarded. The amount to award each year, for example Double Up Food Bucks, can be changed to meet current guidelines of the program. Market managers have full control of the amount to award to customers based on Matching program guidelines.

The market manager will collect all coupons from the customer to be able to load their respective wallets. Transactions relating to the program dollars with vendors is tracked automatically in the system for the purpose of reconciliation, reimbursement and reporting by Markets.

Markets will have the functionality to run reports by customer to know what dollars are still available for spending. If a coupon is to expire, the Market can then communicate with the customer to let them know to use it before it expires.

No. Unless otherwise stated by the SNAP or Matching program, dollars in these wallet accounts never expire and can be used in proceeding calendar years.

No. Unless the market has a budget restriction or other concern, the Market can award you whichever dollar amount you have sufficient funds for on your card.

Yes. As a customer, you would follow the same steps as familiar with today, including a refund request for the Market Manager to place the dollars back on your SNAP card, then the Market Manager would draw down your wallet amount on Snappier.

Click the Cancel Order button and it will take you back to the beginning to start over.

Yes. As transactions occur, the system is capturing those changes in real time.

Yes. We did not build this process in as we would need to become an online authorized retailer to accept your SNAP cards.

Since the app requires a smart phone for transactional use, we encourage you to inform the customer of the new process and app and show them where to go on their phone to create an account. The process takes less than 5 minutes. We will also have written communication that your Market can share on social media or via email to let SNAP customers know what to expect and to set up an account ahead of time.

If the vendor chooses to not participate in Snappier, than they will likely miss out on sales unless there are still a few tokens in circulation at your market for customers. If the Vendor wants to participate but does not have a smart phone, they can access the manual form from their dashboard to record the transactions to be inputted in Snappier from a personal computer to be reconciled and reimbursed with the Market at a later date.

We understand that some customers may not have a smart phone. As such, we are recommending that Markets maintain a certain set of tokens for these customers to be able to access locally grow, healthy food.

No. You only need to see the Market Manager if you need more dollars added to your wallets via your SNAP card or coupons. You may need to see the Market Manager each week to add more funds for Matching program dollars to your wallet. Most matching programs have guidelines for amounts available for matching on a weekly basis.

Since you transacted with your SNAP card or redeemed coupons at a particular market, that is where the dollars are tracked as part of the budget/management process for Markets. As such, you will have separate wallets to maintain integrity of the dollars requested for a particular market. You may request a refund/withdrawal from a Market, then add those dollars to a different market when you arrive to the new market.

Yes. The App is designed to support any SNAP authorized retailer that operates at a location for providing a service of locally, grown healthy food.

Yes. As a Market, you will have the ability to run reports by date, vendor, customer, and food assistance program. There is also a reimbursement feature for reconciling amounts owed to vendors.

What are you waiting for?

Over $75 billion is redeemed in SNAP benefits each year. Join the future to help make sure a majority of the dollars being spent are for healthy foods grown and produced locally in your community!

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